Tennis Footwork Drill: Fast Feet and Movement Patterns

Tennis Racket

Our Sweatband coach, Callum Lloyd takes us through a footwork drill to improve foot speed and movement patterns on the court.

All you need for this drill is a couple of tennis balls a shuttle run distance apart.

This drill will be completed Tabata style – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. There are three exercises in a set. Complete as many sets as you feel necessary to feel like your feet are moving in a good way.

  • Movement pattern 1 – stay sideways on and with a figure of eight movement around the tennis balls, move as quickly as possible around the tennis balls
  • Movement pattern 2 – think of a standard shuttle run. Sprint forwards, and the then shuttle backwards as quickly as possible
  • Movement pattern 3 – very much like Callum’s recovery drill exercise, this is all about explosive movements across to each of the tennis balls
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