Tennis Conditioning Drill | Stretching and Mobility

Callum will take you through a quick stretching routine. These exercises are a fantastic way to keep you fit and flexible. Perform them regularly and your body will be ready to get back on court. In the following video you can find seated variations of hamstring exercises.

The exercises:

  1. Hamstring pull – 30 sec
    Tip: Hold the pull for 30 seconds and switch legs. After releasing each pull raise your leg in the air and hold that position for a moment.
  2. Cross hamstring pull – 30 sec
    Tip: Cross-over your leg onto your knee and sit back. Keep your hands on the back of your leg and pull towards your torso. Repeat the exercise for each leg.

Do not forget to take a 15-30 seconds break between the exercises! If you are a beginner, keep the intensity low and well within your limits. Shorter holds with more repetitions will work well for people starting out with stretching exercises.
Consider including this short stretching routine into your training regimen. These exercises will help to improve flexibility of your hamstrings and glutes as well as prevent injuries.

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