Tennis Conditioning Drill | Resistance Band Exercises

Our tennis coach Callum gave us a couple of examples of resistance band exercises that can be performed at the convenience of your home. All of these movement patterns promote strength, stability and proper posture. You can do them using either a door handle, your foot or an oblong and heavy object on the floor which can weigh the resistance down. There is no need for a lot of space to carry out this training session. Everything you need is a resistance band with handles.

The exercises:

1. Bent over rope x 10

Tip: Remember to hold the position for a couple of seconds after pulling the band towards you – this way the training will be more effective. You can do this exercise using your foot as an anchor or using an appropriate still object.

2. Seated rope x 10

Tip: Try to really squeeze your shoulders back and keep your elbows on the same level. Straighten your back and head.

3. Standing rope pull – version 1 x 10

Tip: In this exercise you also need to remember to hold your back and head straight and keep your feet stable. Repeat the exercise with each of your arms.

4. Standing rope pull – version 2 x 10

Tip: Keep the elbow on the level of your shoulder. Do the exercise with each arm.

5. Doorknob rope x 10

Tip: Pull your shoulders back and avoid hunching over. Remember to switch arms.

6. Double doorknob rope x 10

Tip: Keep your back straight. Switch sides after 10 repetitions.

Focus on the training and perform each exercise slowly and precisely. For a base level of fitness, repeat the session 3 times and remember to take 15-20 seconds breaks after each exercise.

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