5 Nifty Tennis Stats To Break Awkward Silences

5 Nifty Tennis Stats To Break Awkward Silences

With the tennis season inevitably coming to an end we’ve decided to prepare something special for all tennis fans out there! Having trouble starting a chat? Your date looks bored? Spice things up with these sassy tennis stats!

1. Like a boss!

Sam Groth holds the record for the fastest tennis serve in history

That’s just as fast as a golden eagle can go! However impressive the record is, we regret to say that the Association of Tennis Professionals doesn’t officially recognise speed records due to the variance and inconsistency in monitoring equipment.

2. Aced out

113 is the number of most aces served in a tennis match

John Isner served up this whopping number of aces in a match that appears later on in this list. He clearly loves breaking records and getting his name featured in our articles!

3. Burning off those cheeseburgers

Recreational tennis players burn between 600 and 1320 calories per session

Going pro allows you to lose even more fat – competitive tennis players burn up to 1,728 calories! Of course the exact number of burned calories will vary between individuals and it depends on many factors such as gender, current weight and intensity.

4. “The endless match”

The longest tennis match lasted for over 11 hours

Oh what a game it was! Apparently John Isner and Nicolas Mahut just couldn’t get enough of each other. This epic match set at least 11 tennis records including most aces scored in a match, mentioned earlier in this article.

5. Young professional

Steffi Graf - the youngest woman to win 500 pro tennis games

As big tennis fans we just have to mention this tennis legend and her great achievements. Steffi made her mark in the history of tennis by becoming the youngest woman to win 500 professional games. In 1988 she became the first player (male or female) to win a Golden Slam by triumphing in all four Grand Slam tournaments as well as winning the Olympic gold medal.

Serve up one of these bad boys and thank us later!

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