5 Fantastic Fixes To Improve Your Tennis Game

5 Fantastic Fixes To Improve Your Tennis Game

Aspiring to improve your tennis game?

Training and practice are not the only things you need. Take up these simple tips and you’ll soon give away fewer games, secure more sets and master more matches than ever before!

1. Keep your eye on the ball!

It may sound obvious but a vast majority of amateur and many professional players only follow the ball to a point then continue to serve or hit it using guesswork. The next time you’re playing really focus on watching the ball every second of the game, it’s something Federer does well and will instantly raise your accuracy and improve your tennis abilities.

Keep your eyes on the ball and take your game to the next level

2. Take up Yoga

An increasing number of sports players are finding Yoga beneficial to their games and when Murray blended it with his training regime in 2013 his game definitely took a turn for the better. While Murray favours hot Yoga there are many types and classic poses that not only improve strength and flexibility but also fine-tune the mind, aiding concentration and improving your reactions to each shot as it’s played.

Try out Yoga and see how getting flexible can benefit your on-court play

3. Simplify to improve your tennis game

The less experienced and less able a tennis player, the greater the variety of patterns of play. More experienced players have two or three at most and stick to these in their game. It means they build strengths to play to and also are a step ahead as far as planning where and how to hit, to the point where it almost becomes a reflex.

4. Keep your fluids and energy up

Tennis is a long haul game and dehydration and glycaemic depletion both adversely affect performance. Muscles work best when fully hydrated so take a drink at every changeover. And take a nibble on an energy bar or sip an energy drink on alternate swaps to keep your immediate energy supply, your blood sugar, consistent.

5. Ensure your racket is well strung

Repeated play will slowly erode the strings of your racket and the tension they enjoy, but as it’s a fairly gradual process you probably won’t notice it from one game to the next. Regardless of how often you play your racket should be strung at least once a year. Thereafter the average number of games you play a week should at least be matched by the number of times you restring in a year. And if your style of play is very strong the restring needs to happen even more often.

You’ll be amazed how much restringing your racquet will reinvigorate and help improve your tennis. Here at Sweatband.com we provide a restringing service, so if your racket needs a new string don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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