UV Squash: Get The Party Started On The Court!

UV Squash: Get The Party Started On The Court!

If regular squash is too old school for you, why not to juice up your game with some dimmed lights and groovy music? Ultra-violet or UV squash gives you plenty of reasons to leave your pint at the bar and jump into those party-court shoes. So turn off the lights and hit the hot ball in the dark!

Party Mode On!

UV squash is a fun and easy way to get new people into starting out playing the sport, replicating the fun atmosphere of a nightclub dancefloor just without alcohol-fuelled dancers! It has served as a fantastic way to introduce more new people to the game, especially in the university environment where teams have really embraced this funky version of the game. Whether you have never played before or you’re a bit of a pro, whatever your level, here’s your chance to become a squash party animal!

The big hit in the dark - UV squash

Photo credit: BBC

Ultra-Viole(n)t Dress Code!

It’s time to get all crazy and creative. No more boring sports clothes, as only white and neon colours show up well under the lights of course! So get the glow sticks out, slap on some UV face paint, put a warrior face on and go for the win!

Surely squash doesn’t work in the dark?

Regular squash no, but once the court has been lit using UV lighting, the ball has been made visible thanks to an aerosol paint and the court markings have been covered by fluorescent materials, there’s no stopping it! The game works exactly as before, but it definitely demands another element from players, especially when it comes to spacial awareness. Playing “in the dark” as such not only spices up games but it can also help even out competition between players as it tends to slow the game, giving you an extra chance against players who are normally more able and faster than you.

Try yourself on the on squash court dancefloor!

Photo credit: BBC

UV Squash Festival

WarwickSquash, the University of Warwick’s club, hosted the first UK UV Squash Festival in 2013, and the initiative turned out to be a huge success and returned in 2015 when it got coverage from the BBC. Check out their promotional video below to get a taste of what went on. The aim was to attract new players to the sport from amongst the students, show just how much fun it can be and also raise funds for the charity Right to Play. The development in the game proves squash’s desire to engage with new audiences and UV squash certainly creates an entirely different atmosphere and environment for players!

Maybe that video makes you fancy taking up squash or give the UV version a go if you’re already playing. If so then have a browse of our online store squash department where you’ll find an extensive range of squash equipment including some rackets and gear that are exclusive to Sweatband.com!

Header photo credit: WarwickSquash

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