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Sweatband Coach, Tristan Eysele, shares with us some tips how to improve your squash swings at home.

Solo practice is a great way to work on your basics and build your confidence. In squash and in every other racket sport it is very important to develop muscle memory. What does it mean? Muscle memory is an ability to make a particular movement unconsciously as a result of consolidating that movement into your memory through repetition.
If you are brand new to the game, even simple exercises will work well for your condition. One of them is practising straight swings with your racket.

Exercise: To perform this exercise you do not need a ball. Grab your squash racket, then put down a line as a marker on the floor. You can use a tape, a string or some chalk – if you have access to a yard. This line will help you to keep your swings straight. Try 50 shots per each side.

Tip: Start slowly and try making your moves quicker when you feel confident enough. Involve your whole body and adapt to the movement of the racket. Do ensure that you pay full attention to this exercise and make your moves with precision.

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