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Squash Drills | Movement to the T

Positioning is all important in a number of sports, particularly for squash. By using an object, such as a pole or a marker, this will train you or a partner in the discipline to return to the T once you have played your stroke, thus dominating the centre of the court.

Another great reason for using such an obstacle, is that it allows you to create space and time around the marker to better execute your shots, rather than getting too close to the ball and rushing your stroke.

Creating space in squash is a very important thing. 

There is an art in avoiding the pole or marker, as the pole will be acting as an opponent. Using your peripheral vision and getting around the court, whilst avoiding the pole is a useful exercise for match play.

You test a few positions and drills:

  • Playing a boast shot from the back of the court and then quickly getting back to the front of T
  • Moving forward to the front of the court to play a shot and then circling back around the marker
  • Test out your forehand drop shot, circling back around the marker every time you have played your shot. 
  • The forehand volley. The key here is not to stay still and await the ball. Move towards the ball and intercept. The marker forces micro-movements and movement towards the ball

These extra drills force you to move your feet, with balance and allow for space.

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