Squash Drill: Volley Forehand Straight Drive

Our Sweatband Coach, Tristan Eysele, takes us through the straight forehand volley drive squash stroke.

You will need a partner at the back of the court feeding shots high to the front wall, preferably around the height of the middle wall so you can practice your volley straight drive stroke.

The key to the shot is to be balanced and still when playing the stroke, with quick racket speed as you hit through the ball. This will ensure that your shot is consistent, accurate and efficient at getting the ball to the back of the court.

If the ball drops a bit shorter in the court, you will need to be quicker with your movements to get to the ball. However, remember to keep your movement balanced and controlled.

The three key tips:

  • Keep your racket up because you need to be ready to pounce onto the next shot. Do not get caught with your racket low, as this will cost you time when trying to execute a shot during a match
  • Judgement. It is important to anticipate where a ball will be arriving on the court. Do you need to move quickly? Or can you hold your position. Quick decision making is key.
  • Take the ball early. If you can play your stroke with your racket in front of you, this will put your opponent at a disadvantage and win you quite a few points in a match

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