Squash Drill: Movement Patterns

Our Sweatband Coach, Tristan Eysele takes us through how to use effective movement patterns on the court.

Movement in squash is key. Your movement needs to be efficient and fast to allow you to get to the ball in the correct position. This equates to better balance, shot quality and accuracy. You will also save a lot of energy by executing the right movement patterns in a match.

Everyone moves in a different way in squash. There is not a templated approach, however there are a few non-negotiables when it comes to movement. You do not want to start chasing the ball around the court. This will expend a lot of energy and a mistake that is generally made by amateur and beginner players. By rectifying these mistakes alongside an improvement of technique, beginner players will develop their game at a quicker rate.

Correct movement pattern: Forehand side and backhand side – when moving to the forehand or backhand side to the back of the court, it is important that when you get to the tee there is a little bit of a hop. Your left foot should go behind your right foot (or vice-a-versa), with a little bit of a jump and then plant both feet to give you balance through your shot. This is a very efficient and consistent way to move. It is key to minimise the amount of steps you take.

Movement fault – taking too many steps is an inefficient way to move and will lead to you scrambling across the court and being unbalanced when playing your stroke. Taking too many steps will lead to increased tiredness and a sure way to put you on the back foot in a match.

Make sure you include and repeat efficiency of movement patterns to any training regime to improve your squash game.

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