Squash Drill: Backhand Straight Drop

Sweatband Coach, Tristan Eysele, takes us through how to execute the perfect backhand straight drop squash shot.

You will need a partner to help with this drill. They will need to play a stroke against the front wall that reaches to the back of the court on your backhand side. In terms of range, the shot should land just beyond the service line box.

Your task is to play a drop backhand shot that is as controlled and tight as possible, with the ambition to make your partner make an error. Your partner should also be attempting to make it as hard as possible for you to execute the backhand drop shot.

This is a very important drill for match play scenarios. If you have the confidence to play this stroke, it gives you the opportunity to win a lot of points. Even if the stroke does not lead to a winning point, it puts your opponent under a lot of pressure and you can look to capitalise on their next shot.

Do not forget to be balanced and still when playing your stroke. For progression, experiment with a top spin shot to put your partner under increased pressure.

Top tip: keep the shot as tight to the side wall as possible, almost fading the stroke into corner, making your partner have to try and scrape the shot up to get a return stroke in.

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