Squash Drill: Backhand Combination

Our Sweatband Coach, Tristan Eysele takes us through the backhand volley to straight drive combination drill.

You will need a partner to help feed to ball to the front wall for both of these exercises.

Firstly, start with the straight backhand volley. Stay balanced, stay still and take the ball as early as possible. Make sure you have your racket in front of your body and upon contact, making sure the racket comes through straight.

Secondly, move onto the straight volley, straight drive combination. Volley as above, however with the next shot, allow the ball to drop and play the straight backhand drive. This combination is great for getting you to move forward and taking the ball early. Again, balance is key to this exercise.

Additionally, judgement is important in respect of both exercises. Positioning of your feet and movement towards the ball are key in making it difficult for your partner to return the ball. The quicker you can get to the ball, the more advantage you are likely to gain from the stroke. Make sure you are keeping a close eye on the trajectory of the ball throughout.

In terms of racket control, you want this to come through the ball quickly with a snappy or zippy stroke to move the ball from the front to back as quickly and as tightly as possible.

Practice 50 volleys, before moving into 50 volley/straight ground combinations.

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