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Squash Coaching Tips for Forehand Drop Shot

Our Sweatband Coach, Tristan, is taking us through the forehand drop-shot for squash.

It is important to keep your racket still on both your backswing and your follow through. Try to avoid any erratic foot movement. If your body is flailing and you are not still, there will be no consistency in your shot making.

If you can achieve stability in your stroke making, you will have a better chance of placing your shot into the corner of the side wall. 

Being low is also important. By getting into a lower position, you have a better chance of executing the shot better. Get your knees low, almost imagine that there is a table in front of you, and your stroke is brushing the top of the table on the same plane of movement. By coming from high to low too much, you are limiting your chances of consistent stroke play and are likely to cause an error.

Can you cut the ball? The answer is yes. Look to open the racket face as you play the stroke. Bend your knees, bring the racket through and allow the strings to generate the spin in the direction you want the ball to go. You do not need to do anything miraculous to achieve the spin. Just keep an open face and bring the racket through. 

So key takeaways:

  1. Low knees
  2. Keep your racket still; avoid holding it high
  3. Consistent backswing 
  4. Open racket face slightly

By following these rules, the ball will go where you want it to go and a lot more consistently

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