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“Disillusioned” Nick Matthew on Squash’s 2020 Olympic Exclusion

With some of the fittest athletes battling it out in high-intensity, nail-biting play on glass courts that deliver an unrivalled spectator experience, squash seems to have it all. Yet, it has been dealt a heavy blow by not being included on the list of sports recommended for the 2020 Olympics that will take place in Toyko.

Squash struggles to gain Olympic inclusion

Squash has long been trying to make it to this ultimate stage, offering players the chance to become Olympic medallists and giving fans from around the globe the opportunity to follow their passion at the highest level. A recent survey from Inside The Games showed 35% of voters supported squash’s inclusion in the list of Olympic sports, but the 2020 Olympic Games Committee instead proposed karate, climbing, surfing, skateboarding and baseball/softball.

Nick Matthew speaks openly about “disappointment”

Three-time British and World Open Champion Nick Matthew, who would love a shot at a gold medal, certainly has some strong opinions on the subject but believes squash lovers should stay positive. Check out why he is “disillusioned” here:

Over 20 million people play the sport across 175 countries, making it a truly global activity. What’s more, the World Squash Federation proudly presents it as a clean sport that is dynamic and fast-paced and in-tune with what young audiences want to see.

The Federation points out how it would be a cost-effective addition to the Games and a fantastic way to expose the sport to new fans and potentially inspire a new generation of players.

So, will we witness the world’s best squash players in Japan in 2020? Well, all is not lost yet as there will be a review and a final decision-making session in August next year where the IOC will confirm the list.

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