5 Interesting Facts About Squash

Squash is a popular sport played by millions across the globe with an ever-increasing fanbase. Male and female athletes compete in singles and doubles matches played on an enclosed court surrounded by 4 walls, and this racquet sport entails high-tempo play with fast movements and powerful hitting. However, not everyone will be familiar with some of the most interesting facts and details about the sport. We’ve selected a few that we reckon will tickle your fancy:

1. Feel the burn

You burn between 600 and 1000 calories during 1 hour of playing squash


2. On the ball

First squash balls were made of natural rubber

3. A squash game a day…

In 2003 squash was the healthiest sport to play according to Forbes

4. Founding Fathers

The first national association of squash was formed in the United States in 1904

5. Innovative origins

squash was invented in Harrow School around 1830 out of the older game called racquets

If you haven’t already, why not pick up a racket yourself and have a hit.

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