Virtual Runner: An Interview With The Founder

Interview With The Founder Of Virtual Runner

In our previous article: Virtual Runner Races: The New Way To Compete we wrote about the new trend for running races wherever you are to test yourself, raise money for charity or just to feel like part of a wider community. We thought it was such an interesting way to merge new technology with running that we contacted Susan, the founder of, and asked her a few questions. Here they are:

Hi Susan, so how and why did you start Virtual Runner (VR)?

I have been running for 2 and a half years now and have really caught the bug. The idea for this venture came from my frustration of not being able to find a race in January 2014 close to home which worked around my busy work and home life. And I was sure I wouldn’t be the only one…

And how have people responded to it?

The response has been amazing. We have a strong community who are very supportive of everyone’s achievement.

Interview with Susan the founder of Virtual Runner

Photo Credit: Virtual Runner UK

How many races do you run every month and how does it work?

We organise anywhere between 3 and 8 challenges a month which range from 5k to marathons, from any distance events to cumulative mileage challenges. Entrants pick their challenge, sign up and we donate a minimum of 20% from the fee to the race charity. 

Virtual Runner is an online community of runners which also raises money for charity. What is the main focus, community or charity?

The focus varies from person to person – the number one focus from our races is the bling!! We have members that are very community focused, other more focused on the charities. VR works hard on both 🙂 

How much have you raised for charity so far?

To date, we have raised over £70,000 for various great causes. 

What is the most memorable/funny moment involving VR since you began?

There are too many to mention but include winning a Running Award, being recognised in a race by a fellow community member 100s of miles away from home and when one of our runners told me that our races were keeping her strong through her cancer treatment. 

What does the future hold for VR? What is the next step?

To continue offering races to great people to help them achieve their goals and raise even more money for charity – our next target is £100,000 for charity. 

If you’d like to get involved and try out Virtual Runner for yourself then take a look at our other article about it for more information and check out the Virtual Runner website to see how to sign up and win a medal!

Get running and compete wherever you are with Virtual Runner

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