Hiit Workouts: The 10-Minute Treadmill Routine For Long-Term Results

Hiit Workouts: The 10-Minute Treadmill Routine For Long-Term Results

How quick HIIT workouts on the Treadmill create long-term results

High Intensity Interval Training is growing in popularity as it consumes calories both during exercise and for some time after when you’re in the recovery zone. And because the intensity is high and the duration is limited it appeals to busy people.

But you don’t have to attend a studio class to get great HIIT workouts. Ten minutes on the treadmill will do all the following:

Burn calories during exercise

The higher the intensity the greater the calorie burn. It’s estimated that intense exercise consumes 900 calories per hour compared with running which comes in at 500. Of course due to the intensity the level of exertion cannot be sustained for an hour, which is why the interval pattern is required.

Hiit the treadmill with an intense workout

Burn calories after exercise

And because you’ve worked yourself to your maximum the heart rate stays elevated for longer post-exercise than it does for lower intensity activities. This recovery phase means you’re burning more calories than you would do after a slow, sustained exercise session.

Increase alertness and mental agility

Participants in HIIT workouts report sustained energy, greater concentration and improved mental agility post-exercise than their lower intensity counterparts. Another reason why a short workout before work or during a lunch break is worthwhile.

Up your alertness with a HIIT treadmill workout

Improves physical agility

After just a few HIIT sessions participants also experience better physical agility. The fast movements of a HIIT workout train the body and nervous system in a different way to lower intensity exercise and sports. Physical reactions times and accuracy of movement both improve.

Builds and maintains muscle

HIIT workouts sustain and improve the lean muscle mass of participants. The fast, explosive movements build power and strength.

Improves overall fitness                

When HIIT training is included alongside playing sports or more traditional aerobic exercise the participant will find they have more stamina as the respiratory system benefits. You’ll increase your capacity to breathe in oxygen which will ensure longer lasting energy in all other physical tasks.

A word of warning

HIIT workouts are for people of average and above fitness levels. Those with injuries, high blood pressure, heart conditions and other health issues (including pregnancy) should consult a doctor first.

Try our ten-minute Treadmill HIIT workout

If you can do this three times a week for a month and stick to a healthy diet you’ll look and feel better than you have for years. Make sure you take at least one day’s rest from HIIT in between sessions to allow the body to recover; you can still lift weights or undertake other cardio activities.

Remember it’s only ten minutes, so go for it!

Minutes 1-2         jog at a steady speed to warm up

Minutes 3 -5        alternate a 30-second sprint at your top speed with a 30-second jog at a comfortable speed

Minutes 5 -7        alternate a 45-second sprint at your top speed with a 15-second walk at a comfortable speed

Minutes 7-9         alternate a 30-second sprint at your top speed with a 30-second jog at a comfortable speed

Minute 10            jog at a steady speed to cool down

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