8 Things That Will Motivate You To Get Up Off Your Couch And Start Running

Let me guess, you want to start running but you don’t know how? You want to follow those runners who shoot past you in the park, but when it comes to going out you can’t find the energy, your couch looks so alluring and all the shows on TV suddenly become so interesting. Well worry no more. Whether you’ve already started your running adventure or you’re just thinking about hitting the pavement for the first time, we will give you some tips that’ll help you get those running shoes on and get out the door.

1. Find a friend

It’s commonly known that two heads are better than one. Maybe you have a friend who is a veteran runner and can show you the ropes or there are other beginners who are too intimidated to start running on their own. Check your contact list!


2. Give yourself a gift

A pair of running shoes in crazy colours? A functional running watch? A thermo-active shirt? Once you have it, it will be a pity to let it collect dust.

3. Set a goal

Now it may seem unbelievable but imagine entering a running competition. Find some upcoming race, something small to start out with, and begin your preparation. It is much harder to find an excuse and stay in at home when you know that in 2 months you’re going to run your first 5K.

That day I decided to go for a little run

4. Make a playlist

Music is one of those things that can really boost your energy. Create a running playlist from the songs that really appeal to you and get you pumped up. Find some new, catchy pieces and try them on an evening jog.

5. Inspire yourself

As running gets more and more popular you can easily find a great number of inspirational books written by former runners. Also, while surfing the Web you’ll come across well-written blogs where running freaks speak about their beginnings, experience, races and give a lot of valuable advice.

6. Join the club

For sure, you’ll have a lot of questions and doubts that can easily discourage you. Join a community or a running club. They’ll help you to start and provide you with valuable motivation when you have an off day.

We start as a group of people

7. Measure your progress

Buy yourself a paper notebook or use your computer and measure your progress regularly, say once or twice a week. You’ll be impressed with how much better you get after 3 months.

8. Burn calories

If you want to lose some additional pounds gained last Christmas, running is a great option. In just 30 minutes you can burn an amount of calories equal to a big meal. Evening beer with friends will taste so much better when you know that you deserve it.

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