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TomTom Runner 2 Music & Cardio Music Watches with FREE Headphones

For music lovers, sports and fitness enthusiasts, and those who enjoy listening to their favourite motivational tunes during play, practise and workouts, there’s a fantastic deal to be had!

Purchase a TomTom Runner 2 Music GPS sports watch or a TomTom Runner 2 Cardio Music heart rate monitor and get a pair of TomTom Sports Bluetooth headphones worth £44.99 absolutely FREE!

Both devices come in small and large sizes and in a number of different colours meaning they will suit men and women of all shapes and sizes.

Check them out below and click the links to the product pages on our store where you’ll find more info and can buy your brand new piece of sports technology.

The TomTom Runner 2 Music Promotion


With storage for more than 500 songs right on your wrist and a range of running, activity and sports features, this is a great device. It will track your activity throughout the whole day, giving you a real insight into your activities and performance around the clock. What’s more, it offers GPS tracking, different modes for various sports and training, and a race option to test you against previous performances.

To get all of this and more, including the free Bluetooth headphones, click one of the links below.



This device offers the functionality of the above sports watch with the addition of heart rate monitoring right on your wrist. Perfect for measuring and tracking your heart rate during fitness sessions and sports activities, this very versatile monitor also lets you train within 5 heart rate zones for more effective workouts. Improve your fitness, listen to over 500 songs, measure HR, use GPS, track your activity 24/7 and get much, much more on your wrist from this stylish, quality device.

To find out more and get your very own with free TomTom Bluetooth headphones, just follow the below links.


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