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Introducing the New Range of Stiga Table Tennis Tables

STIGA has been a world leader in the sport of table tennis for over 70 years with partners in over 100 countries. Many of the top players play and train on Stiga table tennis tables.

Stiga are sponsors of the Swedish and Chinese National Table Tennis Teams as well as world top players such as Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong. They sponsor many of the top UK players such as Andrew Baggley, a reigning World Ping Pong Champion, Olympian and Britain’s leading table tennis medallist of all time in the Commonwealth Games! And also 17-year-old Tin-Tin Ho, silver medallist in the Commonwealth Games, who during the National Senior Championships won three gold medals in the under-21 singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles as well as silver medal in the women’s singles.

Table Tennis Player

Stiga maintain the highest standard of quality by continually investing in research and development in new manufacturing technologies.

Many of the cheaper brands have tables manufactured in India or Pakistan to reduce cost and, therefore, quality. All of Stiga’s tables, however, are manufactured to a high standard in Germany, conforming to EU quality and safety specifications. Plus, all tables come with a 2-year warranty and all spares are available, so you can buy in confidence.

Stiga Manufacture

Stiga Basic

Table tennis is currently part of the school curriculum and GCSE Sports syllabus and is played by many children in schools. Many people now own a table at home for fun, pleasure and exercise.

The range is available from a Stiga Basic Indoor Roller or Outdoor Roller to a full range of professional competition tables. All models have good playing surfaces and can easily be erected and collapsed down then rolled away for storage.

Stiga basic table tennis table

Stiga Competition Compact

Stiga Competition Compact

More serious table tennis players who play in leagues tend to go for middle-of-the-range models with a 19mm or 22mm top which give better precision of play and ball bounce. The Competition Compact and models above this in the range are the tables generally purchased by schools and clubs; these come with a 22mm and 25mm thick top and extra strong undercarriage. This specification provides the necessary durability demanded by heavy use and also the requirement to conform to ITTF regulations for competitive play.

Folding System

Space can sometimes be a problem. Few people leave their tables set up permanently. Many of the Stiga models have a ‘CS’ or ‘CCS’ Compact Storage system meaning they are able to be folded up and easily set up by one person. Most also come with rollers to allow you to move them without fuss. The more expensive roller tables have brakes on the wheels which, when applied, stop the table moving around while in use.

Stiga CS folding system

Stiga’s tables that come with the ‘CSS’ or ‘Compact Storage Solution’ mean when stored they will slot together to take up a much smaller footprint in the storage area. This is particularly useful for schools and leisure facilities where storage is a premium concern.

Stiga CSS folding system

Stiga Optimum 30

Many people are curious about the different thicknesses of tables, and it’s all to do with the height and ball bounce. According to the Laws of Table Tennis, a standard ball should consistently bounce in all areas of the table approximately 23cm when dropped on it from a height of 30cm.

The optimum for indoor tables is 25mm (1 inch) thick as these give a nice, even bounce to the ball. One of Stiga’s strongest and most popular tables is the Stiga Optimum 30 which has a 30mm top. Jamie Liu, a great young UK player national under 11 and 12 champion, trains at home on the Stiga Optimum 30.

Extra features to keep in mind

Outdoor tables are also about the quality of the surface and durability. 5mm tops tend to play faster and are generally stronger. Outdoor tables have a different type of surface to withstand the changing temperatures and dampness. It is also advisable if storing outside to have a cover for extra protection.

Never be fooled by a bargain table that seems to have a solid top but actually has a cheap undercarriage. The undercarriage and legs keep the table stable and ensure good bounce. Furthermore, a cheap undercarriage eventually makes a table wobbly through the use over time.

Always make sure the table tennis table you buy has good strong legs and supports – it’s going to take quite a lot of wear over the next few years we hope!

A good judge between tables is comparing the weight of the table on a like for like basis. If one is much heavier with the same top thickness, you can be reasonably sure that the heavier table has a better quality undercarriage. Stiga tables are all produced with the appropriate strong undercarriage to support the weight of the table top.

Stiga table tennis table features

A nice feature is table levellers on the bottom of the legs. These are important as your floor at home may be uneven. The levellers are adjustable and keep the height of the table at its standard 76cm (approx. 30 inches) above the floor.

All Stiga tables come with suitable nets. The top tables have nets that have an adjustable tension and are ITTF approved for competition play, and net colours are blue.

Official net rules specify that the top of the net, along its whole length, shall be 15.25cm above the playing surface. The bottom of the net, along its whole length, shall be as close as possible to the playing surface and the ends of the net shall be as close as possible to the supporting posts.

Always be careful when attaching a net to a table. Make sure they grip the table but do not exert excess pressure, as you don’t want to scratch the finish unnecessarily. If you are using a screw attachment, screw the clamp so that it is firm but do not over tighten or it will end up leaving an impression in the table. When fitting or removing the net avoid dragging the net clamps so as not to cause unnecessary indentations and scratches.

Stiga table tennis net

Are you Interested in Stiga table tennis tables?

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