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The Polar M430 GPS Heart Rate Running Watch Launch

We were really excited to be invited to the launch of the new Polar M430 GPS running watch with heart rate monitor in London’s Regent Park! We got the chance to test the watch and put both the device and ourselves through our paces alongside other runners and Polar experts.

The event was well attended with around 50 experienced runners taking part. There were presentations by Polar tech and fitness experts and participants were shown training drills that help build strength and flexibility while avoiding injury.

First take a look at our video below and then read on and click the links to see more about the M430 in our store.

Created with serious runners in mind, the Polar M430 is a running watch full of top functionality including GPS, heart rate monitoring on your wrist, round-the-clock activity tracking and sleep monitoring.

Thanks to the GPS built into the device, runners can follow their pace, distance and even altitude during every training session. The Polar Fitness Test function lets you test how fit you are and see your progress. Plan and share your workouts, see how long and how well you’re sleeping, get alerts and notifications from your smartphone on the watch, and discover loads more.

Monitoring your Running

“There are lots of clever features on the M430 that means you can start to analyse your training and your responses to it and check you are getting your training right,” said Nick Anderson, the running coach who guided the training at the event.

He continued, “Runners have always wanted to see how they feel. Whether we can run the route we usually run a bit faster or run a race faster. We have always monitored things but as sports science has become a bigger thing, we’ve wanted to understand more about physiology to see if we are in the right training zone or running at the right level for that day to see if we have recovered enough after that session rather than always compromising our training. To check that our sleep is as good as it can be because we know the real fitness gains can happen outside of training. The way you choose to recover will determine how quickly you get fit and whether you can reach your optimum levels of fitness. So measuring recovery, measuring your training is really important.”

When asked for any tips for fellow runners he suggested, “be patient, build your training very gradually, and if you can just monitor what you’re doing, learn from it and you’ll see real progression.”

Thanks Polar for inviting us! Here are a few more images from the launch event we attended in London:

We love the Polar M430, how about you?

The running watch offers an excellent mix of functionality and value for money and is sure to be popular amongst runners and sports enthusiasts. So click the link below to visit our store and buy your very own Polar M430 now!

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