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Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

It’s safe to say that Polar’s latest activity tracker the A360 is one of the best pieces of wearable technology on the market, with the standout feature of heart rate measurement right on your wrist. To give you a great insight into the product and show what it can do for you, we’ve highlighted some of its top features and functions, and it sure is packed full of them!

Whether you take your exercise and sport seriously or less so, you’re interested in getting feedback on your activities and understanding your performance or you just want a great-looking wrist tracker, then this is the one for you.

The A360 will sit comfortably on your wrist and works brilliantly as an all-day every day companion: take it everywhere with you! It’s long battery life and colour touchscreen are just some of the outstanding characteristics that make it so user-friendly. And when you consider the high quality of the device, the price offers good value for money.

So take a look below at what it can do for you, and maybe you’ll fall in love with it like we have!


Heart Rate

With a heart rate sensor built into the back of the tracker, it measures your HR straight from your wrist, meaning heart rate training couldn’t be simpler! You don’t need a chest belt, just strap the tracker on and you’re free to tackle every challenge ahead. It keeps you in your optimal heart rate zone so you can maximise your training and view your HR in an instant on your wrist. It’s such a convenient feature and ensures Polar remain one of the very top fitness brands when it comes to HR measuring.

Polar A360 heart rate sensors

Sports / Activities

If you think the A360 is just for runners, you couldn’t be more wrong! It’s made for 24h wearing and monitoring and will go with you on whatever adventure you undertake. In the gym it’s great for measuring your data during all types of classes (spinning, cycling, fitness, high-intensity and many more) and workouts on any cardio fitness machine.

Head outdoors for a run or a ride and take the A360 along with you. Fancy a swim? It’s equally at home in the pool, and you can even take it into the sea if you’re into surfing or other cool activities!

Fitness Class wiht Polar A360

Fitness & Training

The tracker has loads of great fitness features that are sure to enhance your workouts. Make sport profiles for different activities you do, keep tabs on your progress with the fitness test, get more accurate ‘smart calories’ info, train in the right HR zones for you and see reports on your performance. Use the Smart Coaching to get daily guidance on how to reach your fitness goals. Creating goals, hitting them and receiving activity summaries is fantastic for showing you just how much you’ve achieved each day and motivating you to go further the next!

24/7 Monitoring

Monitor your body around the clock during all activities. The 24-hour monitoring on the A360 includes sleep analysis, activity measuring and recording of your steps taken and calories burnt. It tracks your sleep time, quality and patterns which you can analyse on the Polar Flow app. And thanks to the long battery life (more info below) you can measure more for longer between charges.

Polar A360 Black

Mobile & Web Apps

The Polar Flow App is great for seeing reports of your daily activities and exercise performance, which you can then share on social media, with friends and with the Polar Flow training community. By syncing the app on your phone (Andriod and iOS devices) with the tracker, your data will upload automatically so you can follow your stats on the go.

The Polar Flow Web service helps you gain a deeper understanding of your fitness and progress by showing detailed stats and graphs. It lets you plan targets and goals and prepare future workouts, and is the place to manage other functions such as sport profiles, sleep monitoring and much more.

Smart Notifications will ensure you stay right up to date. The tracker will vibrate and give notifications for incoming calls, messages, events and other social media updates.

Polar A360 app and website


The A360 comes in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, which is great because many devices with straps come in a single size and can sometimes not deliver the best of fits. The A360 ensures that by simply measuring your wrist you’ll find the perfect size for you. The strap is available in different colours, is adjustable and is light, made from soft silicone with a sleek, compact design so you’ll hardly feel it’s there. However, you’ll certainly notice the stylish looks!

Water Resistance

The tracker is water resistant up to 30m in depth, so you can wear it non-stop, in the shower, in the pool, in the sea, on your runs in the rain, wherever! And it records your water-based activities too!

Battery life

There’s nothing more frustrating than your device running out of battery when you’re using it. While many fitness trackers and watches require charging every day, the A360 boasts a fantastic battery life – only needing to be plugged in roughly once or twice a week even when monitoring 24/7 and using smartphone notifications. This is one area where the A360 really excels and outdoes the competition.

Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

Easy to use touchscreen

Lots of functionality is only great when it’s easy to use. And with the A360 it couldn’t be simpler. The touchscreen is really intuitive to use and the high-resolution display is perfectly clear with a full range of colours. It’s a pleasure to use which can certainly help you get motivated to get out and use it!

Polar A360 touchscreen

Technical specs

The screen is full colour, 1.18″ and has an 80 x 160 resolution. It is touchscreen, although there’s a small physical button on the side of the strap.

The battery is a LiPo one with a capacity of 110mAh. With regular usage levels it should require recharging once or twice per week.

There are 8MB of flash memory on the tracker plus you can store more data on the Polar app and the online service.

To charge the device and transfer data to the Polar Flow Web service, there’s a standard USB to microUSB connector that’s water-resistant, which is nice to know!

Interested in getting a Polar A360?

For more product info and to buy one head to the page on Sweatband.com

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