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The Official Tennis Ball Of The US Open At Sweatband.com

With the US Open in full swing there’s never been a better time to get your hands on the official tennis ball of the tournament. Wilson have been the official ball supplier to the US Open since 1978 and over the years they’ve honed their craft to produce a high-quality ball.

As the pro players fight it out on Arthur Ashe and the other courts of this prestigious Grand Slam event using this ball, you can also get a taste of the action with the official ball, available at Sweatband.com.

You can buy the US Open balls in different pre-set quantities – a tube of 4, a dozen balls, 6 dozen and 12 dozen – or any combination of these you like. Click the buttons below to visit the product pages in our store and read on below for more info.

Roger Federer and the US Open tennis ball

The US Open Ball – Reach For the #1 Ball

This high-quality tennis ball is designed to rigourous standards for the pros at the US Open, but it’s a fantastic choice for tennis players of all levels. Approved by the Internation Tennis Federation for use in competitions, it’s a premium ball with the playing characteristics to match. The extra durable materials used in its build mean it has the durability to last for longer on hard courts, such as those at the Grand Slam.

The ball is also well suited to grass courts, clay surfaces and indoor arenas, whether you play casually with friends, are looking to improve your game, play regularly at a club or take your tennis even more seriously. They also feature a high altitude core which makes them a top performer on courts that are 3000ft or more above sea level.

For a reliable and versatile tennis ball, the official US open ball is a top choice that will serve you well. You’ll find very competitive prices and free UK delivery on a fast service, next day delivery in most cases, on orders over £15.

So click the buttons below to see the balls in our store and add them to your tennis gear!

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