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New Mizuno SS18 Inspire 14 & Rider 21 Running Shoes

The brand new range of Mizuno SS18 running shoes are now out and available in our online store. Grab a pair today as motivation for New Year fitness resolutions!

In this blog we’ll be having a look at the latest Mizuno Inspire 14 and Rider 21 models, iconic shoes that runners have loved for years. In fact, we’ve even featured these great shoes before on our blog.

Do click the links through to our store where you can find out more information about the shoes, see more product pictures, check out the available colour options and buy both men’s and ladies’ models of both shoes.

New Mizuno SS18 Inspire 14 & Rider 21 Running Shoes

Mizuno SS18 : Power To Perform

Wave Rider 21

Dating back to 1997, Mizuno’s iconic model has been constantly worked on and improved with modern, advanced design and technology brought to the fore. But the principle remains the same 21 shoes laters: giving you the Power to Perform.

Anatomically engineered with Mizuno’s Wave technology, these trainers offer high levels of comfort and enjoyable underfoot feel, and enable you to move faster and run further, with the power to deliver your best performances.

Mizuno Wave Rider 21 running shoes
Men's Mizuno Wave Rider 21 running shoes

Inspire 14

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 14 are great for regular road running, offering a great balance of comfort and support. This latest incarnation of the Inspire model has a low weight and features Mizuno’s Dynamotion™ Fit technology, designed to work with your feet to keep them in place as you run but allow a feeling of freedom with no restrictions.

Mizuno SS18 Wave Inspire 14 running shoes now available in our online store

Natural Fit to suit you

Mizuno’s Wave technology has been developed over the years by the study of waves and impacts in nature. Mizuno put their findings into creating a technology that works to disperse the shocks from running away from your feet, for better impact absorption and lighter feel and response. So whether you’re a long distance runner, a casual around-the-block jogger, just starting out running altogether or somewhere in between, the Wave technology ensures you get a natural fit that suits your body and your running.

Check out the new Mizuno SS18 shoes in our store today via one of the links above, or visit our running shoes department here.

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