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MOOV NOW™ Smart Activity Tracker

The Moov Now™ has been revolutionising the world of fitness tracking with its personal coaching that speaks to you as you train and tracks your motion three-dimensional space.

So let’s have a look at what this brand new, cutting-edge, multi-sport tracker can do for you, starting by watching the video.

Moov now activity tracker

The Moov will accompany you on every step, stroke and rep of your fitness journey, tracking all your activities 24/7, even when you’re away from your smartphone. Speaking to you as you exercise, the device will provide a mix of motivation and sound advice to get you performing more correctly or efficiently.

Improve your performance, get in shape, go beyond any fitness plateau and compete with others all with the help of this very sleek and modern-looking aid.


Whilst most sports and fitness activity trackers simply measure your performance and display your stats, Moov goes much further.

Your very own new personal trainer will coach and encourage you as you train, helping you hit your goals more efficiently than every before.

Whether it’s overcoming tiredness, improving your form, upping the intensity, preventing injuries, Moov has got it covered and will support your every step.

If your performance dips during any session, Moov will spot it and get you going harder and faster again. If your strides are too short, Moov will encourage you to lengthen them out. If you cadence is too low, landings are too harsh or efficiency takes a hit, Moov will be there to spur you on.

And because it does all this via audio, you don’t need to interrupt your rhythm to look at your phone.



Moov is equally at home on land as in the water, so take it into the pool and see what it can do not only for your performance but also your swimming technique.

It will recognise your stroke: freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke, and even individual medley. So simply strap on Moov, set the app on your smartphone to record, store your device somewhere safe and dive straight in.

As you swim Moov will track a wide range of metrics from lap times to stroke count, distance per stroke to time for each turn, which you can analyse in great detail once out of the pool.

Find out when you swam fastest, which rest periods were effective and which adversely affected your endurance, plus lots of other important metrics that take your understanding of your sessions to another level.

You’ll not just see which areas you can improve upon but Moov will also suggest some things you can do to get swimming more smoothly, more streamlined and efficiently and with a lower risk of injuries.


Box yourself fit with this fantastic function. Punch to the beat and build up your strength, reflexes and power by following solo boxing routines on your smartphone or tablet.

Use the training mode to learn the basics and improve your skills right up to champion level! Follow the training videos to see how each skill should be done and to practise your moves.

High-intensity interval training like this will get your heart rate up and you burning fat and calories. Your endurance, fitness, co-ordination and speed will be pushed to their max, yet so will your enjoyment levels as you get better and better.

The workout screen even shows a handy foot indicator to help you move and stay in the correct position during each phase of the workout.

And once you’re done with this physical, hands-on exercise you can check out all your stats, see how hard you hit, how fast your arms moved and how many points you got. All to then get better next time!


Cycle faster and further by being smarter as Moov not just measures loads of data but actually helps you use it to improve.

You can ride faster, climb higher, develop more power and work more efficiently thanks to Moov. It focuses on you as an individual, giving you personalised instructions on how to save energy and best use your gears to take your riding up a notch.

Get audio updates on your speed, cadence, distance and more metrics along with the personal coaching, so you can keep your eyes fixed firmly on the road ahead.

Then on your smartphone or tablet you can track your route, see where you cycled quickest and which parts were slower, and even compare the difficulty of different routes, all to get a better understand of your cycling and to improve next time on the saddle.

MOOV NOW cycling


The 7 Minute+ workout function is based on the eponymous workout that was published by the American College of Sports Medicine Journal and went viral thanks to featuring on the New York Times website.

It’s based around research that found short, sharp bursts of high-intensity exercise can offer the same health benefits of longer sessions.

So with Moov on your wrist and your tablet or smartphone at hand, you can perform a number of exciting and effective 7 Minute+ workouts designed to get you working hard for short periods.

The audio and video personal coaching will ensure you exercise with correct form, plus it will count reps for you so you can forget that aspect and concentrate entirely on what you’re doing.

Work out daily, beat challenges and level up to unlock new features and get in tip-top shape.

It’s all about the full-body workout with no equipment required, so you use your own weight and work all areas of your body for complete, intense sessions.


We think the Moov is a real must-have for fitness enthusiasts of all levels, packing in so much great functionality at a really affordable price.

If you too think it’s a must-have then check out the product page on the link below where you can see more detailed specs and buy one!

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