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Discover The adidas T-16 Treadmill – Full Guide

adidas is one of the most established names in the world of sports and fitness and we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know about the T-16 treadmill.

If you’re looking to improve your fitness at home and get a cardio workout, be it walking, jogging or running, the T-16 is a top piece of kit that’ll do just the job.

So read on and watch the video below to find out more about this machine and what it can do for you, and then click the buttons to visit our store and buy your very own adidas treadmill.

Discover The adidas T-16 Treadmill - Full Guide

Create Energy on the T-16 treadmill! Watch the video which highlights some of the main features of this top running machine including the performance stats, workout functions, extra features, folding design and more, then read on below to find out more.

Features of the T-16 Treadmill

Let’s dive into the details of this machine, starting off with the performance.

The T-16 let’s you run at up to 18kph (11.2mph) which is enough to ensure even top runners work hard to keep up. Plus there is a true 15% incline, great for adding extra intensity to sessions. This will also appeal to walkers and joggers, as you don’t need to run flat out to build up a good sweat and burn off loads of calories. If running flat out is not so much your thing, take the speed down a few notches and increase the incline. This will work your muscles deeper and harder and increase the rate of calorie burn.

The running deck is large at 51cm x 153cm (20” x 60.2’’), meaning you’ve plenty of space to stride out and run safely. This is reassuring especially for taller runners.

Challenge yourself on the wide range of workout programs. There are 30 in total to choose from which include pre-set ones, target workouts and heart rate control. For this you’ll need to pair the treadmill with a heart rate chest strap and then the machine will keep you working out in the optimum heart rate zone which you’ve selected. An excellent feature for burning fat and getting a more efficient cardio workout.

Suspension cushioning provides the underfoot support and comfort, attenuating the impacts of every stride and helping to reduce the stress on your joints. This in turn makes treadmill running safer by minimising the risk of injuries.

Features of the adidas T-16 treadmill
Cushioning in the running deck of the adidas T-16 treadmill

On the console you’ll find a holder for your tablet or smartphone so you can watch videos, stay in the loop as you train and make sessions more interactive.

The deck folds up after use, saving you crucial floor space when you’re not using the machine.

Plus it has a Soft Drop system which makes dropping the deck back down much easier and safer when you want to exercise on it again.

Folding the adidas T-16 treadmill

Keep Your Treadmill Workouts Interesting!

Treadmills are fantastic for working out at home as they offer plenty of variety and diversity to suit all users and keep you motivated and focused. Running fast, walking on an incline, jogging at varied pace, interval training, full body workouts with dumbbells – the list of potential uses goes on! And here are some more exercises that adidas recommend.

Set it to a slow speed and lunge forward to stretch and fully engage your lower body muscles.

Alternatively, lift your knees up high towards your chest and pump your arms. Or squat down and do a sideways shuffle, changing to work both sides.

Grab a pair of dumbbells or wrist weights to increase the difficulty of your movement.

Keep your workout interesting on the adidas T-16 treadmill

Get your adidas treadmill

And create energy now!

  • Ideal for running, jogging and walking
  • High 15% true incline for solid workouts & calorie burning
  • Lots of programs, functionality and flexibility for total motivation
  • Folding design to save space in all homes
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adidas T-16 treadmill for home fitness workouts
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