So, what is padel? Jesus De Miguel answers the most asked padel questions on Google

Sweatband Coach Jesus De Miguel takes on the questions that UK public are asking about the fast emerging racket sport of padel. Over the coming months, Sweatband will delve further into the intricacies, nuances and skill of padel.

What is padel?

A game between two couples, similar to tennis, but is played between four walls and in which the ball is hit with a short-handled shovel 

Why is padel so popular?

It is very fun, very social and suitable for all levels

Why is padel one of the fastest growing sports?

It is the second most practiced sport in Spain, it is a sport that the more you practice, the more you develop and drive and it is from here that you begin to understand everything that this sport gives of itself.

What countries is Padel played in?

Argentina, Spain, Uruguay , Italy, France, Paraguay , Mexico, Belgium, Brazil, Austria, UK, Canada, Russia, Finland, Portugal, Australia, Switzerland and developing in many more

How is padel played?

It is played in pairs and consists of three fundamental elements for its development: the ball, the shovel and the playing field or track. It consists of bouncing the ball in the opposite field, with the possibility of bouncing off the walls. The player or players must return the ball with one stroke, complying with a maximum of one bounce to hit it.

What does padel mean?

Padel, in English means shovel or racket

Is padel the same as pickleball?

It is not the same as pickleball, but very similar in levels of fun. Pickleball differs as it was created in America as an alternative to badminton, played with wooden paddles and a plastic ball

Who invented padel?

It was invented by Enrrique Corcuera, in Acapulco Mexico 1960.

Is padel an Olympic Sport?

No, not yet .

Can padel be played 1 vs 1?

One on one is a non-regulatory modality that improves technique. However given the speed of the game and size of the court, one-on-one makes padel more difficult.

What is the padel world championships?

The first professional circuit emerged in 2005 under the name of Padel Pro Tour (PPT) and in 2012 the World Padel Tour (WPT) was launched, which became the main competition of this sport

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