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Sexercise, Six Proven Ways to Boost Your Libido With Workouts

Sexercise, numerous studies concur that exercising is great for your sex life.  It improves stamina, confidence, builds an appetite for love and also improves sexual function.  But are there specific drills in the gym that can enhance your thrills in the bedroom?

Yes there are, here are our top sexercise tips….

You’ll Mate if you use weights more

Weight training make not sound so sexy to the feminine amongst you but increasing muscle tone actually alters the sex hormone levels in the body for the better.  Resistance training increases your testosterone reserves – whether you’re male or female and so add resistance and you’ll find you’re hard to resist.

Invest in a barbell and go for it with squats, lunges and deadlifts to tone your assets and heighten your hormones.

Diarise Your Weights and Your Dates

Straight after exercise of any type you’ll enjoy a hormonal high as the endorphins your exertions have produced flow through your system.

This is the ideal time to take advantage of the mood and your partner so it’s a great idea to factor a little flirtation with the one you lust for directly after exercise.

Those of you lucky enough to have fit kit at home can enjoy the bonus of convenience and take advantage of being close to the bedroom during exercise and so seamlessly transition from a run on the treadmill to some fun with your partner.

sexercise and stretch

Stretch Your Way to Better Sex

Stretching should be part and parcel of every workout, but adding one session to your week that focusses on stretching alone will lead to greater sexual desire and response according to surveys.

Roll out the Yoga mat and take your time to focus on full, nasal breathing while taking your time in some simple, postures that stretch you.  Downward facing dog, Warrior 2,  Forward Fold are all simple accessible postures that will give you a stretch for better sex.

Get Your Blood Flowing

Sexual arousal involves the supply of blood to the parts most people think other exercise can’t reach but that’s not true.  All exercise does so and for this particular goal cardiovascular exercise is best.

Whether you pop on the exercise bike at home, take a run in the park or get your groove on at an aerobics class the elevation of the heart rate and the delivery of oxygen around the body by the increased blood flow gets more than just your heart pumping.

As with all exercise the more you do it, the more efficiently the body responds.  So when blood flow is required for delivery of an orgasm rather than oxygen your body will be better able to deliver.

Switch a Vigorous Workout For a Passionate Night In

As well as training for your fitness and enjoying the positive side effects on your sex life there’s no reason why you can’t put time aside – just as you do for exercise – to have a physical session with your partner.

The fitter you are the longer you can sustain sexual activity and the more able you are to enjoy a variety of positions and practises.  We won’t go into the details here but it should be easy to imagine what we mean.

As well as being a workout of sorts, it will deepen your bond with your partner.

Rest and recover

If you overdo anything the body will ache and your desire to be in bed will be to rest rather than rumble!  In extreme cases the body will shut down and close of sexual hormone production and so desire.

Make sure you don’t overdo the exercise as you’ll be too tired and in too much discomfort to fancy a frolic.   So as well as making time for sex, make time for rest.

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