Does Exercise Help Get Rid of Hangovers?
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Does Exercise Help Get Rid of Hangovers?

Hair of the Dog

If you’ve woken up worse for wear on a workout morning after a blowout night, the chances are you’ve shied away from exercise and settled on the sofa under a blanket instead.

However, there’s lots to suggest that taking some exercise in the morning after a night of excess can actually help you handle your hangover better, possibly doing away with it altogether. Here are three reasons why walking the dog instead of hair of the dog is the smart choice.

Alcohol depresses, exercise uplifts

The chemicals in alcohol affect the body in many ways. One primary downside is that they act as a depressant, leaving those waking after a night on the town feeling low and lacking in motivation. Exercise does the opposite: as the body moves, more oxygen flows through it and endorphins are released instantly improving your mood and boosting motivation levels.

So even if you simply take your body on a walk around the block you’ll rapidly revive it, become more mentally alert and most likely up for another lap or two.

Run off your hangover.

Alcohol dehydrates, exercise detoxes

Alcohol is also a serious dehydrator and the dehydration in the body brings on the majority of hangover symptoms. If you’re alert enough to drink a pint of water before you crash out you can begin the process of rehydration during the night. You should also aim to take another pint of water when you get up before exercising.

However, if you’re feeling queasy make sure you sip the water rather than gulping it, and remember drinking room temperature water is kinder on the system too.

Naturally, when you exercise you need to continue drinking. As you do so you elevate the heart rate and speed up the flow of blood and eventually begin to create a sweat that will help you detoxify the body. It will also stimulate the digestion system and speed up the elimination of the impurities of alcohol in other ways!

Exercise is the best detox.

Alcohol loads calories, exercise burns calories

And as we all know alcohol is laden with empty calories that act just like sugar does. So the reason the system feels like it’s crashed after a night out is because you’re enduring the sugar deficit of the morning which follows the sugar overload of the night before.

If you eat a low GI breakfast, like a just-ripe banana, a bowl of porridge or a couple of eggs you can begin to return good energy levels to the body. Follow this with some steady exercise and the body will start to regulate your blood sugar levels and you’ll feel more energised after working out and better able to cope with the demands of the day ahead.

Keep the sugar content of your food low for the rest of the day and your digestive system will work to keep that blood sugar consistent and enable the other vital organs to do their thing rebalancing the whole body.

So next time you wake with a hangover and think the gym is the last thing you need, think again. A workout could actually be the cure.

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