5 Ways to Make This Valentine’s Day an Active One
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5 Ways to Make This Valentine’s Day an Active One

We all want to impress on Valentine’s Day, but how to avoid turning the whole thing into a cliché? The token heart-shaped box of chocolates and cheap bottle of plonk over a dinner at Nando’s is hardly likely to do the trick and they’ll be expecting the dozen roses and the Boss aftershave too.

We think it’s time to do something different this Valentines, so make it an active and memorable one.

Get Active This Valentine’s Day

Being active creates all sorts of happy chemicals, endorphins that keep us smiley and bouncy and full of life which is exactly what you’d want from your date, and yourself for that matter. It gets us beyond the routine of chit chat over dinner and getting too drunk and possibly bringing up all your complaints you’ve stored up over the last year and making a scene in the street before having a big bust up and angry 3am texts and tears at the bus stop. Not that we’re cynical or anything.

But the point is that doing stuff together is good for a relationship and if you get moving and active in the early part of the Valentine’s Day evening, you’ll have something to talk about after then that will make the ensuing romantic part go even better.

Find something you both like

Not every couple is into the same things, so it’s often hard to find stuff to do together. A golf mad man, for example, might bore his wife to tears by dragging her round the course for an afternoon of golf (and arguments!). But if you are into the same thing then that’s great.

Love tennis? Then arrange an afternoon or early evening game to boost your energy levels. Fancy a double date? Make it a game of mixed doubles (only for the tennis mind, unless that’s what you’re into). The added fun of being on the same side, or rallying against each other will put you both in a good mood, or at least have you on form for the evening after.

5 Ways to Make This Valentine’s Day an Active One

Try something different

If you are not into the same things then you can both try something you’ve never done before, preferably something that is fun, not too challenging and will produce plenty of laughs. What about a rock climbing evening for example? There are loads of inner city rock climbing centres that you can go to, with varying degrees of difficulty so you don’t have to be experienced. Plus, if you’re a woman, there may be a handsome instructor that might get your man all desperate to impress you so you look at him instead!

Other fun activities could be a trampoline date (remember those fun trampoline parties you had as a kid? They’ll still be fun now, and will bounce you to fitness). A zip lining afternoon, gymnastics class or even a circus skills workshop are other fun ideas. Plan something different that you’ll both love and a fun date is guaranteed. After all, if we can’t have fun with the one we love, who can we have fun with?

5 Ways to Make This Valentine’s Day an Active One

Do something together

So you’ve thought about doing something you both like, or something different, but what about something that really brings you together. Remember, a date is like making a delicious meal: we need the right ingredients, time, loving attention and a bit of spice! After that, it’s just down to savouring the senses.

So why not try an Acro Yoga class? This is a new style of yoga recently developed and growing in popularity that is done with a partner. When practised at its best, Acro Yoga is a flowing dance where the couple moves fluidly from pose to pose, the man using his natural strength to support the woman and her using her natural flexibility and grace to hover and glide through the postures.

If you are beginners it may not look so graceful but we guarantee it will be lots of fun and you’ll certainly laugh a lot. In any case, just being up and close with each other will get all that nice oxytocin (the love hormone) flowing and you’ll feel closer than ever.

5 Ways to Make This Valentine’s Day an Active One

Get up close and Personal

Another activity for getting close to each other is dance. Whatever style you are into, whether it’s tango, salsa or jive, an evening of dance classes will definitely get you both warmed up for romance. The music, holding each other and moving together in tandem will get your hearts beating, and your bodies touching. All good for the night when lovers celebrate love.

So get active this Valentine’s Day, do something together, something new and different and get up close and personal. We think St Valentine would have approved!

If you want some more ideas for relationship-boosting exercises you can do as a couple, then check out this awesome article!

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