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10 Smart Reasons To Try Fitness Tech And Improve Your Workouts

When Apple launched the apple watch it was met with a degree of incredulity – much like its predecessor the iPod. But now the smart watch as a stand-alone product category sits high on the wish lists of techies and non-techies alike.

Smart watch sales have now topped $10billion in the US, and an 18% growth in sales is predicted for the UK this year.

Unsurprisingly one of the most popular uses of general smart watches is fitness related, opening each wearer’s eyes to their true levels of exertion every day.

Recently Forbes predicted that people will rely on the smart tech more than their doctors in the very near future, so, if you haven’t got some fit tech yet, it’s high time you did.

Below you’ll find 10 important reasons how to improve your fitness levels with Fitness Tech.

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1. Track and Train.

You don’t have to blow a big budget to benefit from fit tech. There are some great activity trackers that are affordable which will accurately monitor your heart rate and levels of activity all day long.

Each typically comes with the ability to synchronise with a simple app to report your basic biometrics which will guide what you need to change to improve your overall well-being.

2. It Gives You a Nudge When You Need It.

Modern life, for most is sedentary and in between formal exercise activities most westerners spend too long sitting still. Most smart watches will give you a regular reminder to move, and even if that means a short stroll around the office or the block every hour or so it will all add up to a more mobile lifestyle.

3. It Gives You the Facts.

For many newcomers to fitness tech the incredible difference between how much we think we move each day compared with how much we actually do is a real wake up call.

Just wearing a smart watch for one week without altering any activity highlights the days we do too little, the nights our sleep is poor and the real results of the exercise we ordinarily take.

Armed with this information, and helped by a few clever apps, fit tech empowers and informs you in a way nothing else before it ever could.

7. Let Your Watch Train You.

If you want to maintain a certain heart rate training level, complete a specific distance or take a minimum number of steps every day, simply set your goals on your fit tech and it will help you achieve – whatever target you set.

Many have settings for different types of training too – like HIIT sessions – so you can stop and start a whole variety of high-intensity exercises with your watching working like a PT on your wrist.

9. Stay Connected.

Being interrupted by your mobile phone while training is an annoyance, but having it nearby in case of an emergency is also important for many.

A high number of fitness watches now allow you to connect with your phone to send and receive messages and calls. So, when you’re training or playing a game, all it takes is a glance at your wrist to check your phone so you can carry on without real interruption assured that crucial calls can reach you too.

4. Community and Competition.

Many activity trackers and their apps link communities of friends or sports enthusiasts together to bring a sense of community and competition to the fold. Fitbit has some great challenges in which you can set your own goals or compete against friends. While other apps, like Strava, hold data for cycling and running routes all over the world and the times other competitors have completed them in.

5. Take Your Music With You.

For those who like a tune to train to there are some incredible watches with sufficient space to store, coupled with excellent sound quality to play, the music that motivates you through your workout. The best of the bunch also include the excellent wireless fitness earphones for the ultimate in sound quality.

6. GPS on Your Wrist.

A number of the Sat Nav brand giants like TomTom have blended their mapping expertise with fitness watches to deliver accurate and glitch-free tech that tracks every aspect of an outdoor route whatever your sport or activity.

It means you can really take your run or ride off road and complete your route with an accurate reading of the ground you’ve covered. This is great if you like to mix up where you go but want to be consistent with distance.

Plus, over time, as you store every circuit, you’ll be able to see how your speed and stamina improve.

8. For Amateurs and Athletes – There’s Something For Everyone!

Whether you’re a regular gym goer or a serious sports person there is fit tech that’s perfect for you. The market is well-established now and there are devices for users of all fitness levels – for counting your steps around the local park or keeping a close eye on your performance. So it’s worth knowing what features you’d like your smart technology to have.

Triathletes in particular love the smart watches with GPS that you can get wet as they’re able to map every aspect of their training and competition to a degree that was never possible before.

10. Count Your Calories – In and Out.

Once you’ve shared your body stats with your watch it will calculate how many calories you need for a typical day, it will also recalculate them on a daily basis by factoring in your activity. If in addition you record what you eat on a compatible app you’ll end each day knowing if you’ve consumed too much or too little.

And it’s not just calories these clever apps add up, you’ll also be able to assess the quality of your diet and even if your weight is not an issue you’ll be able to adapt what you eat to get a better balance of food.

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