The Top 5 Fitness Blogs You Should Read

The Top 5 Fitness Blogs You Should Read

We all love a little inspiration to help us get moving more, to discover new ways to get fit, different recipe ideas and for other lifestyle advice and tips, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start reading as it seems there are too many fitness blogs out there.

So we have taken it upon ourselves to give our readers a helping hand and a nudge in the right direction towards some other top fitness blogs that we think you could love too. Plus, if it’s not so much the written content as the beautiful photos then you’re still in the right place!

So let’s take a peek at these fitness bloggers and their sites:

1. Fitness Fan

Started by Dane, a fitness expert Originally from Zimbabwe but now a UK resident. Dane was born with Cerebral Palsy and from a young age started learning about fitness training and physiotherapy. This blog covers all areas of fitness in detail and features interviews with experts, training advice as well as food, nutrition and psychology too. This is not just a blog for men to build bulk either, there is a page dedicated to women too. If you are a tech geek you’ll love this page as it has a whole section for tech and data as well as the latest news in fitness training. Get your advice, news and recipes right here.

2. Fitness On Toast

Not just about fitness, this blog is a bit more stylistic and features fashion too. The blog seems more catered to female readers. Most areas are covered from specific workouts to diets and features like ‘how to eat well in the office’. The photography is good and the general tone quite humorous. It is a fun and light approach to fitness that sees it as a part of your life, not your whole life. If you are looking for a good read, good technique and advice and possibly a giggle too, then check it out.

3. Poppy Cross

Poppy Cross’s blog is very slick indeed. It seems like a high-end magazine, vogue for fitness perhaps and features beautiful photography, a range of articles from health to fitness to beauty, and even travel. This is a lifestyle blog with the aim to set a pretty high standard for health and showing you the best ways to achieve your health and fitness goals. Healthy food plays a big part with lots of pics of green smoothies, salads and snacks. This is not just a ‘look at me’ blog, though there are plenty of pictures of Poppy in various yoga poses, the aim of this blog seems to be to show you someone living a healthy life full of fine organic food, yoga, exercise, partying and travel and showing you how to do the same. It is most definitely female-focused though the male reader will get not be immune to poppy’s charms either.

Top Bloggers: Poppy Cross' fitness blog

Photo credit: Poppy Cross

4. Embody Fitness

Embody fitness is a serious fitness blog featuring serious personal trainers offering serious advice. None of the fun, frivolous and beautiful images of the Poppy Cross and Fitness on Toast type, Embody Fitness is the blog of a series of gyms tagged as ‘Britain’s most beautiful gyms’. Still, they do feature real fitness advice such as How To Keep Focussed Throughout A Body Transformation Programme. They have a big focus on body transformation with lots of before and after pictures. They have some pretty impressive results too.

Personal training advice from Embody Fitness

Photo Credit: Embody Fitness

5. Eliza Flynn

Eliza’s blog is a real mix of different subjects from fun lifestyle postings to health issues and fitness tips too. You’ll find articles like ‘how does sleep affect exercise’ and ‘working out on a budget’. This is not a slick aspirational blog like Poppy Cross but more a mixture of real, down-to-earth thoughts and tips for real down-to-earth people. In a world dominated by the cult of celebrity, some will find this refreshing.

Healthy food & lifestyle image from Eliza Flynn's Blog

Photo credit: Eliza Flynn

Do let us know what you like about these fitness blogs – we would love to hear and we’re sure the bloggers themselves would too!

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