Get a hole in one every time with the new Hole In One Club!

The Hole In One Golf Club: Get a Hole In One Every Time!

People spend years trying to improve their golf game to no avail. They take lessons, practise till their palms are like leather and purchase all sorts of training aids until they look like a sort of cyborg human, tied up with bands, corsets and metallic rods to help them keep their shoulders in line with their hips and on target.

It seems the struggle to improve one’s golf game never ends. Who can think of a day when their whole game was ‘on’? It is Murphy’s Law (he was apparently a 17 handicapper) that if you are driving well then your putting is off and if your irons are pinpoint accurate then your tee shots are bound to be wayward. Golf had been known to drive people mad. In fact, there is a whole wing of the local insane asylum dedicated to inveterate three putters.

Golfers need something to save them!

A good walk spoiled

You may have heard the adage referring to golf as a ‘good walk, spoiled’ no doubt written by a 24 handicapper who failed to score well on the midweek Stableford. When will there be an end to this torture? you ask. When will I be able to play well every time? The answer is, now.

The hole in one club

Finally a club has been developed that brings the best of new technology and the finest golf club craftsmanship. Behold the Hole in One club! Developed especially by our secret R&D team at you can now get a hole in one every time you hit the ball. The hole in one club uses a combination of GPS technology, Radar and satellite tech first developed by the Ministry of Defence for missile guidance.

Get the perfect round with our own exclusive Hole In One golf clubWe have launched our own golf satellite too so that you can tap in using your hole in one club plus your smartphone and sink the ball from any distance. Why spend 20 years trying to perfect the game when you can get a perfect score every time and go home happy? We believe this technology could eventually be used to save marriages across the country. (No more grumpy golfer syndrome.)

So what are you waiting for? Place your order for the hole in one club right away at RRP £2999.

They'll be no more golf rage thanks to our new Hole In One golf club.

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