Pair up! 4 Couple Workout Exercises to Make You and Your Relationship Stronger

Pair Up! 4 Couple Workout Exercises To Make You And Your Relationship Stronger

If you’re worried that you and your partner would only get Olympic Gold in the Couch Potato Competition, now is the time to perform a single press on the remote control to turn off the TV. Get yourselves back on track to fitter bodies and a better relationship by working out together.

They say the family that plays together stays together and indulging in exercise with the one you love is a great way to get motivated, get moving and get reconnected with each other.


Take it in turns to tone your tum and reward each other every time with a cute kiss for every ab curl. While one of you supports the feet of the other you can blow a quick kiss to your very personal trainer. The eye contact alone will bond you and motivate you. Challenge each other to see how many reps you can do…

Find Someone who shares your passion and do it together


While you might not manage the same weights as each other, checking each other’s form while you train with weights will give you both a whole new appreciation of each others bodies. Helping with technique is a turn on for those who like to be cared for, while watching your partner move is better for those who enjoy more visual stimulus.

Couples that workout together stay hot together


Probably best performed at home! The lighter of the two can rest on the stronger’s back while press ups are performed. Beware though, such close contact may result in a very short workout! We say stay strong and complete your reps, the delayed gratification will be all the more enjoyable.

Every beauty needs a beast


Another one where you come into close proximity! Squat together with the taller of the two at the back and both of you facing a mirror. That way you can enjoy physical proximity and eye contact using the mirror while you firm up your best ass-ets!

A little inspiration goes a long way

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