Clubbercise - A Night Out, A Workout And No Hangover!

Clubbercise – A Night Out, A Workout And No Hangover!

They say it’s the biggest thing since Zumba and it’s getting more people out of their armchairs and onto the aerobics dancefloor than anything before.

Clubbercise storms the UK fitness scene

It’s called Clubbercise and cleverly blends the fun of a big night out with a hardcore workout. Sweating out on the dancefloor is positively encouraged, but thankfully Clubbercise features none of the downsides of clubbing like overpriced drinks, long toilet queues and tequila-induced hangovers.

Clubbercise is the combination of night clubbing and aerobics. Each session is set in a darkened room, participants wear bright clothes and are given glow sticks and together they dance to anthemic music until each one has parted with 700 calories. Instructors will help you follow the dance routines, which aren’t too difficult to copy but are enormously fun, and the great thing is that it’s a very inclusive activity and appeals to everyone, whether you’re really into fitness or not at all. In fact, for those who aren’t but want to be, it’s a more appealing solution to get you into the swing of all things fitness.

Why everyone’s joining the club

The music ranges from the latest hits to classics from as far back as the 90s and classes are attracting a wide range of ages, all eager to enjoy a simulated club experience, a playlist of banging tunes that you can sing your heart out to and some simple but highly effective dance workout routines.

It’s already big in London where many participants dress up and arrive in groups, just as they do on a big night out. Demand is growing countrywide and more and more classes are popping up – some in nightclubs, some in church halls, but once the scene is set everyone feels like they could be on a podium in Pacha!

Check out this promo video from to get a taste of what everyone is going mad for. Why not look up where your nearest Clubbercise event will be and tear up the dancefloor in an altogether different sort of way next Friday night!

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