How Boxing Can Help You Get Fit And Feel Confident

Boxing as a sport might not appeal to us all but the training behind it creates incredible results for those seeking to build their fitness and their confidence.

And you if want to feel as assured as a boxer, incorporating some form of boxing training will do wonders for your physique and your psyche.

There are lots of combat-inspired classes, but if you can’t make it to one of them then the kit is low cost and takes up very little room, making it easy to use and store at home.

Follow our five-step guide to boxing your way to fitness and you’ll be looking, feeling and being better than ever!

1. Skip to it

Most adults haven’t been near a skipping rope since primary school, but if you could do it then you can do it now. Get your skipping rope here in our online store!

The key is to get the rope length right and then enjoy practising. To measure your rope, stand on the middle with one handle in each hand and raise your extended arms to just shy of shoulder level. The rope should be taut. Adjust it if required.

Kick off your skipping with little jumps, progress to jogs and when you get really confident see if you can do jumping jacks or spotty dogs (legs split front to back) while you skip.

Skipping is great for warming up the body and resting the upper body during your boxing-inspired workout, so keep that rope handy.

Skip like a boxer to get fitter

2. Take a stance

Whether you’re punching the air, a bag or pads held by a partner, getting the technique right works wonders for your core strength and your impact.

It all starts with the feet…

Practice your stance – one foot ahead of the other, shoulder distance apart.

If you’re right-handed, your left foot should be to the front. If you’re left-handed, your right foot should be.

Bend both knees and practise turning your torso from the back foot to the front one.

If you’re able, do this in front of a mirror and shadow box yourself. As well as toning your torso and fine-tuning your technique the regular practice of observing yourself in motion works wonders for your body confidence.

3. Punch to Perfection

If you’re new to boxing the technique takes time to master and training to perfect each one will take up calories, strengthen your arms, shoulders, abs and back AND give you a real sense of achievement.

Here are the four basic punches….

AB – a quick straight punch thrown with your dominant hand from a guarded stance position

CROSS – another quick straight punch from the guarded stance position – but this time with the rear hand

HOOK – a punch that follows a semi-circular path with the lead hand upwards towards where your opponent’s face would be

UPPERCUT – a vertical rising punch with the rear hand towards where the underside of your opponent’s chin would be

Regular practice of each will result in improves technique, power and self-esteem.

Punch your way fitter

4. Advance your boxing abilities with supplementary exercise

Alongside taking on boxing-related drills there are a wealth of exercises that will fast track your boxing skillset. Add these to your weekly workouts and you’ll be amazed at the difference they’ll make:

Running on the spot with your knees high builds agility, stamina and stability.

Abdominal crunches will strengthen those all-important stabilisers in your core which will enable you to drive more power to each punch.

Burpees are great for all-round strength and mobility plus aerobic endurance.

Press-ups will add strength to your chest, shoulder and arms, adding force to your fists.

Deep, wide squats are great to get your lower back, glutes and thighs in shape. Squat with weights if you can to enjoy more stability in your stance.

5. Think and act like a boxing legend

The final piece of the jigsaw is about your overall attitude more than your physical activity. If you think of legendary boxers, like Mohammed Ali, you’ll remember what they said and how they conducted themselves as much as, if not more than, their fighting prowess.

That’s because the true greats had mental focus and moral fibre which gave them the edge before, during and after fights.

Exercising alone will alter your feelings about yourself. Couple this with a more positive attitude towards others and you’ll create a virtuous circle where your exercise regime and lifestyle impact what you eat, your overall self-discipline and your place in the world.

Put simply, boxing will make you feel and be ‘The Greatest’.

If you’re ready to get boxing fit but need some gear to get started then head to our online store here where we sell a great range of boxing equipment at very competitive prices. You’ll find boxing gloves, pads, skipping ropes, punch bags and accessories, as well as other general fitness gear you might need!

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