Autumn Sports Activities: Discover New Exciting Ways To Stay Fit

Autumn Sports Activities: Discover New Exciting Ways To Stay Fit

As the days get chillier and shorter, the motivation to move also dwindles and a temptation to hibernate under a cosy blanket becomes ever harder to resist. But those long dark evenings and cooler climes set a mood for change that can actually benefit your exercise regime.

It’s time to celebrate autumn with some new activities that embrace the season and re-energise your body.

Get glowing in the dark evenings with Clubbercise

Autumn is definitely the season to enjoy Clubbercise – the aerobics class that mixes club music, energetic dance routines and day-glo clothing together like no other. A glo stick in daylight just doesn’t cut it, but the loss of light this time of year will make your stick shine bright and give you more anonymity to really dance like no one is watching. Not only will you leave energised and feeling like you’ve pulled an all-nighter, you’ll be home in time for Corrie.

Dancing is a great activity in the Autumn

Wrap up and ski on a dry slope near you

Just because it’s cold it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the great outdoors. There’s a good number of dry ski slopes about, so now is the time to slip on the salopettes and practise your downhill skiing and snowboarding. Skiing is a great all over body workout and since most dry slopes don’t have ski lifts you’ll burn more calories than the real deal as you make your return to the top before every descent.

Cycle Indoors while road conditions are too severe

When the roads and hills you usually bike ride on are too dark, too icy or too unsafe it’s sensible to make the seasonal shift to indoor cycling. A bike at home is a great bit of kit for keeping your fitness through the colder months. There are some great videos on YouTube to stave any chance of boredom and help maintain and build your fitness. And few gyms these days are without an indoor cycle room so you can keep going with your bike buddies by attending a class or two each week.

Below you can click the button and have a look at a versatile selection of excellent stationary bikes.

Indoor cycling is a great alternative for exercising during the Autumn

HIIT the ground running by adding intervals at the beginning of the day.

For many the cold, dark mornings can adversely affect mood and one of the fastest and most effective way to combat this is a short, sharp HIIT session. HIIT sessions require very little in the way of kit or space and if you’re short of moves or ideas there are numerous apps available and a ready supply of free clips on YouTube.

All you need is to put half an hour aside in the morning and after a short warm up challenge your body with mountain climbers, burpees, squat jumps and maybe a quick kettlebell swing.
Make sure the lights are on so your eyes are stimulated as well as your body and although you may feel a little fatigued in the short-term as the day progresses your energy levels will be higher than if you’d hit the snooze and stayed in the dark for an extra 30 minutes.

Make sure autumn leaves you feeling better

Whatever your summer sport and whatever you do to replace it, it’s easy to ensure that this autumn leaves you feeling better in yourself. Try something new, adapt what you already do and get as much light and daylight as you can.

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