Autumn Fitness: How To Make This Autumn Your Most Active Yet

Autumn Fitness: How To Make This Autumn Your Most Active Yet

The wind-down from summer is soon followed by the build-up to Christmas and if you don’t want to go up a novelty jumper size between now and then you need to make a real commitment to autumn fitness and increase your activity before the festivity.

And it really needn’t be a radical life overhaul. A few simple tricks, a couple of new activities and a daily dose of exercise is all it takes.

Follow these 4 simple rules and you’ll feel and look your absolute best for the party season and beyond.

1. Find time for autumn fitness

Schedules are busy for most people and the number one excuse most people have is finding the time to exercise. But do we all have time. There are loads of things you do daily and there’s no reason exercise can’t be one of them.

The popularity of HIIT workouts is that they only need half an hour so if you get up a little earlier, pop on the telly a little later or drop half an hour off your lunch break so you can leave work with an extra 30 minutes to spare 2 or 3 times a week, you’ll notice a huge difference.

YouTube is a fantastic free resource for these kinds of work outs so fire up your tablet and go for it.

2. Stay in once a week

Unless you’re next door to the gym or it’s en route to work the chances are you’re making a special trip to go there. If you stop to tot up the time that round trip takes each week, by the time Xmas arrives you’ll have spent hours in your car that could have been used burning calories.

Treat yourself to an early Christmas present and invest in some home fitness kit. We have loads of amazing deals on home treadmills, indoor bikes and multigyms. There are multi-function rowers designed to provide cardio and resistance training. Many home exercise kits are on casters and have fold-away functions that mean even the cosiest of homes can accommodate them.

Then, once a week, begin a home exercise routine at the time you’d normally leave for the gym and continue until the time you’d normally be home. That’s going to add a good half hour a week to your exercise program which you’ll really notice come Christmas.

3. Do something every day

Whatever your commitments and whatever your circumstances there are more opportunities for autumn fitness than you realise.

Start off by recording those activities that relate to your weekly commitments. Include everything like the weekly shop, the episode of Game of Thrones, putting the bins out for bin day. It will soon become apparent how much routine you already have.

Then pick two or three regular weekly activities and build exercise around them. Deny yourself your catch up with Jon Snow until you’ve done 15 minutes on the rower at home, make the neighbours laugh by shoulder pressing your wheelie bin until you can lift it no more, bicep curl your bags for life before you put your shopping away.

The more you do this sort of thing the more your creative juices will flow and you will find a whole variety of ways to make the mundane and ordinary more physically challenging and enjoyable.

4. Weather the weather

A bit of fresh air is always good for you but the wet and mud may put you off running. However, if you wrap up well for a walk you can add load to your body to make it just as challenging.

Try a weighted vest with adjustable weights and see how it works you harder as you walk. Or carry dumbbells on a power walk. One mile every weekend before breakfast will serve as a great psychological end to the working week and also set you up mentally and physically for a healthy weekend.

Walking has incredible emotional benefits. Indulge yourself in a lone walk one a week and use the time to congratulate yourself on the hard work you’ve put in so far, plan the next week’s activity and try an affirmation or two along the way. It will really keep you on track.

Christmas is coming, and only the Goose is Getting Fat

It really is that simple to increase your activity this autumn. When you’ve done so you’ll be able to enjoy the build up to Christmas and beyond.

If you do ‘fall’ off the wagon once or twice don’t panic, simply revisit these tips and start your autumn fitness over.

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