The 8 Top Reasons To Buy A Home Multi Gym

The 8 Top Reasons To Buy A Home Multi Gym

Home fitness fads come and go, but there are a number of exercise tools that have stood the test of time. Probably the most ubiquitous of all is the multi gym, invented in 1963 by American body builder Harold Zinkin.

The Endurance of the Multi Gym

Zinkin wanted a safe, effective and accessible solution to introduce weight training to more people and he created something which has evolved in design since and is now enjoying a revival on the home fitness market.

The success of the multi-gym is down to eight essential factors, all sound reasons why the home fitness army is using them for home PT sessions.

1. Safe and simple

Free weights, even light ones, can cause injury if technique is poor. The multi-gym takes the participant through a designated path for every exercise meaning incidents of injury are fewer and reports of progression greater.

2. All weather, on tap exercise

The multi gym is indoor kit, so is always ready for action when the weather puts you off running or the drive to the gym and back means you can’t get a full workout.

Even on the days you do run or cycle out and about, coming home to tone on the multigym is an easy habit to get into and can be an active part of your cool down before you stretch.

And when you do use it, it can be as often as you like for as long as you’re able. Just ten minutes a day alternating upper and lower body exercises will produce results in a matter of months.

Multi gyms work your whole body

3. Compact but not concealed

We admit it’s not small but the beauty of this is that the multi-gym cannot be left forgotten in the under stairs cupboard for months. It is a highly visible reminder that you’re due a workout and because of this typically gets greater use than free weights in the home.

And if you’re in a reduced-sized residence don’t imagine a multi gym is not for you, there are some very compact versions on the market today that happily sit in the corner where the TV use to be before the flat screen went on the wall.

4. Diversity

The sheer versatility of exercises that you can execute in that one compact station means investing in a multi gym is a wise choice. There are exercises for literally every body part meaning the multi gym offers the best muscle tone per square metre we know.

5. Discrete and Private

Newcomers to exercise love a multi gym. They confidently perform exercises because the multi-gym helps with alignment and technique. At the same time, the multi gym spares them the embarrassment they may feel at the gym because they’re not very strong, a little overweight or lack the knowledge and confidence to do their own circuit.

6. Stable and durable

Every multi gym we sell adheres to high standards meaning it is an investment for the long term. Not only are they built to last, the parts are durable and the technology within them is relatively simple, which means very little can go wrong. Of course there’s a little maintenance which varies from model to model, but it requires minimal effort to keep your multi gym in shape so that it can return the favour.

7. Multigyms are for multi users

Multigyms are adjustable to work with people of all shapes and sizes so if you’ve got a growing teen, a middle sized mum and a tall dad in the house they can all get a safe and effective weighted workout. And if you’re building strength specifically it’s great to buddy up on a multigym, alternating your rest period with your buddy’s work period.

home multi gyms

8. Available and affordable

Now you’re in the market for a multi gym you’ll soon see that there are lots to choose from so take your time looking at what’s within your budget. There are some brilliant brands offering excellent multigyms around the £400 – £600 price bracket, but you can certainly spend more or less depending on your requirements.

To check out the range of multi gyms we sell click here.

And if you’d like to read about them in more detail before you browse, check out our multi gym buying guide here.

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