5 Best Exercise Bike Designs You Didn’t Expect

Your new exercise bike doesn’t have to be just a simple fitness machine, it can also be a stylish piece of home decor at the same time. Here are our top 5 well-designed exercise bikes that you won’t need to hide in your basement when having friends over to visit.

1.    DKN X-Revolution

DKN X-Revolution Indoor Cycle

This sleek, modern cycle seriously looks the part thanks to its X-frame and its smooth aluminium body. Plus it’s a DKN bike, so of course it’s a must have.

Find it on Sweatband: DKN X-Revolution Indoor Cycle

2.   ProForm Le Tour De France Indoor Cycle

ProForm Le Tour De France Indoor Cycle - Centennial Edition

“Love them or hate them” – the Proform Tour de France bikes are innovative pieces of equipment that won’t stay unnoticed. Never mind the action on the winding French roads, your guests will want to talk about this eye-catching machine with its black and yellow styling.

Find it on Sweatband: ProForm Le Tour De France Indoor Cycle

3.    Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle

Kettler Racer S Indoor Cycle

This futuristic machine looks like it’s been taken straight out of a space ship. If there were an exercise bike on the Star Trek Enterprise it would certainly be none other than this Kettler!

Check out all Kettler Racer bikes on Sweatband: Kettler Racer Exercise Bikes

4.   Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle

Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle

The Sole SB900 just looks strong and solid, which are definitely attractive features when it comes to exercise equipment. What’s more, the performance is as reliable as the appearance, so you know you can count on it.

Find it on Sweatband: Sole SB900 Indoor Cycle

5.   Kettler E3 Exercise Bike

Kettler E3 Exercise Bike

Not all decor has to stand out to be noticed, and the classy, minimalist design of this white bike definitely fits that mantra. This beautifully modern Kettler will perfectly adorn homes where keeping it simple is the key, and it can be artfully placed like a sculpture in the corner of your room.

Find it on Sweatband: Kettler E3 Exercise Bike

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