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Badminton Technique Drill | Wall Hitting

Solo practice is a good way to improve your badminton skills. In the next video our badminton coach shows you a couple of easy wall exercises. All you need is a badminton racket, two shuttles and of course a space with an empty wall, preferably outside. Make sure the weather is dry enough and not too windy.

The exercises:

  1. Backhand
  2. Alternate Forehand / Backhand
  3. Advanced Random – Improvisation

In order to do the exercise, stand in front of the wall and continuously hit the shuttle on it. Aim to hit the shuttle on the wall as many times as possible. Try to perform each variation for at least 2 minutes. Remember to always keep some direction in mind and hit the shuttle hard enough that it actually comes back right towards you.
If it is your first wall rally, be aware that it might be challenging in the beginning, but do not give up! Keep practising and you will get better at it. It is definitely worth trying! Performing wall drill workouts consistently improves your agility, enhances your muscle memory and helps you to learn how to control your shots better.

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