Badminton Conditioning Drill | Shoulder Mobility

Sweatband Coach, Tom Wolfenden takes us through a shoulder mobility drill to help your badminton game.

Having strong shoulders is important in every racket sport. This is why our badminton coach Tom will show you a few exercises which are great for strengthening your shoulders and preventing shoulder injuries. Ideally, these activities should be performed with an exercise band (e.g., Thera-band), but do not worry if you do not have it. You can also train with small weights or use everyday objects, including a bottle of water or a tin of beans, to replicate the resistance of the exercise band.

Repeat the exercises with each arm. Please note that some of the activities may require a partner to hold the band. In terms of the technique, remember to keep your arms stable. Avoid rocking your whole body backwards and forwards and aim to rotate just your forearms.

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