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Have you ever been wondering if you hold your racket correctly? A racket grip has a huge influence on your game! An incorrect grip may result in poor performance and injuries. Also, it might limit the range and power of your strokes. Learning how to hold a racket in a proper way is the first step to becoming a successful badminton player. There are several badminton grips you can choose from. Our coach, Tom Wolfenden, shows a couple of them in the following video.

The badminton grips:

  • Panhandle grip – is mostly used for forehands in front of your body. It is a useful grip for many forehands in the midcourt or at the net, but not in the rearcourt. In comparison with a forehand grip, it is about a 90 degree turn from it.
  • Forehand grip – the easiest way to learn a forehand grip is to grab the racket perpendicularly to the floor (the way which is similar to holding an axe or shaking hands with someone), then position your fingers on the bottom and your thumb on the side. This grip is mostly used for forehand overhead shots.
  • Backhand grip – hold the racket flat, then put your thumb on the upper side of the racket and the rest on the fingers on the bottom. The backhand grip gives great power and control.

Tip: Hold your fingers on the handle in a relaxed way. If you squeeze too much, it will impact the power and variations of your moves.

Exercise: Try around 50 swings of the racket with different grips. Start with a forehand grip, make a swing and change your grip for a backhand grip.

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