Badminton Conditioning Drill | Fast Feet & Agility

Sweatband Coach Tom Wolfenden takes us through a fast feet and agility drill.

When it comes to badminton, it is a sport which demands fast moves of your feet. Performing fast feet exercises is really important to improve your badminton skills. In the next video our coach Tom presents a fast feet session consisting of 6 exercises.

For a base level of fitness, repeat each exercise for 15 seconds and rest for the next 15 seconds. Finish your session between 2 to 3 sets, depending on how you feel.

A bit tough for the beginners, the fast feet exercises might cause your feet sore, but do not give up! These activities help to enhance your speed, improve your agility and strengthen your body. Very useful not only for new badminton players who are trying to learn how to move on the court, but also for more advanced players. These movement patterns are really worth fitting into your training routine.

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