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Badminton Conditioning Drill | Balance Session

Strengthening your balance increases coordination, stability and flexibility which not only improves your athletic performance, but also helps you to perform everyday tasks. If you want to be a successful badminton player, you need to possess brilliant balance skills. Having great balance allows you to move around on the court more efficiently and steadily. In the following video our badminton coach, Tom Wolfenden, takes us through a short and simple balance session.

The workout consists of 3 exercises:

Shift the Shuttles
To do this exercise you need to grab a couple of shuttles (or other small objects) and put them on the floor in a row. Pick up the shuttles one by one and shift them from one side to another while balancing on one leg. After each move come back to the starting position by straightening your back. Make sure you fully control your moves. Keep them slow and precise. Repeat the exercise with another leg.

Hop & Hold
Stand on one leg, perform a long jump forward and land on the same leg. Hold that position for a moment. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times for each leg.

Single leg balance
Put a small pillow on the floor and use it as your base for the exercise. Stand on it and raise your knee. Hold on this position for 30-45 seconds and switch the leg.

Complete the session 3-4 times.

Balance exercises might be challenging in the beginning, but consistent repetitions will make you get comfortable with them. Once it gets easier, you can try to increase the number of repetitions.

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